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Selling Silver Flatware? Check for Hallmarks!

selling silver flatware

If you are considering selling silver flatware, check for hallmarks. All that polishes up like silver is not silver. Many items are silver plated which most refineries will not accept. To verify if your items are indeed sterling silver check for the following hallmarks: “sterling”, “925”, “950”. These items would be sterling and can be purchased as silver. European Countries used pictorial hallmarks to specify silver purity levels and the silversmith’s hallmark. Russian silver is generally marked with “800”, “825”, and “850”.

Tired of polishing? Wondering how to sell silver? Looking for the best place to sell silver? Check us out at the Lake Worth Gold Mine. We buy silver flatware and sterling silver flatware based on purity and weight. We will also research the silverware pattern to see if there is value above the silver content. If you are unsure if your items are sterling silver, then bring them in for a new evaluation.

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Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash

Do you have gold jewelry that you do not wear anymore – broken or outdated? It’s a great time to sell gold. Gold prices are still high and a little bit of gold will bring a lot of cash! Instead of that scrap gold sitting in your drawer, turn it in and get cash for gold.

The value of your gold is determined by sorting the karat – such as 10k, 14k, and 18k and then weighed. An offer is made by karat (which is the purity level).

Selling gold jewelry is a great option if you need cash or just spring cleaning your jewelry box from those single earrings, broken chains, and out-of-fashion items.


For an honest and fair evaluation of your gold, check out