Lettuce Entertain You🥬Dodie Thayer Lettuceware

Dodie Thayer Lettuceware Cup and Saucer
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Lettuceware from Dodie Thayer, the “Pottery Queen of Palm Beach”. She used lettuce and cabbage leaves to create European inspired plates, tureens, cups and saucers.

In the 60’s, her wares were sold exclusively through a Palm Beach gourmet food and kitchenware store Au Bon Gout. Because Mrs. Thayer handcrafted each piece by hand, the wait time could be as long as three years to receive.

Dodie Thayer Lettuceware with Applied Limes
image Lake Worth Gold Mine

This lettuceware could be found on the tables of the woman if stature of Palm Beach and beyond – including Jackie Kennedy Onassis!

Dodie Thayer retired in the 80’s. She has since collaborated with Tory Burch. Thayer original pieces are highly collectible.

Dodie Thayer Lettuceware Serving Platters
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Are you a fan of lettuceware?

Lake Worth Gold Mine is a local storefront in Lake Worth, FL. who buys and sells antiques and collectibles located in Palm Beach County.

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If you are local to Palm Beach County are maybe be interested in selling your collectibles, be sure to check out the Lake worth Gold Mine.

⚠️Public Service Announcement ⚠️ Not all that Glitters is gold.

For the past few years there has been a scam spreading throughout the US with gold jewelry.

A highly sophisticated ring, in multiple states, have mastered a racket that is full of deceit and plays on your emotions leaving your pocket empty!

Hundreds of customers experience the same situation. They are approached by someone needing money. But these people are not homeless. They don’t “need” money – they are well dressed, well mannered, and most of the time in a newer vehicle – for those that are approached at a gas station. They act distressed “as they have “lost” their wallet which has their money and credit cards. They appeal to you that they are just trying to get back home and they have “gold jewelry” that they would trade for money. Then they point to their vehicle with the “children” who give you the pout face, and your emotions give in.

When they pull out the gold, it will all be hallmarked as 14k or 18k – and they are sure to point that out to you. A tactic to make you feel more comfortable that you are buying gold. You ARE NOT buying gold and the items are worthless – whether they are rings, pendants or necklaces – they will not test as gold. Whatever amount of money you give will be lost money.

These people are professionals. They have been doing this for over 6 years now. They know how to manipulate and play upon your emotions, and sometime greed.

The scam has expanded from gas stations to retail stores. We have customers that were approached in Home Depot parking lot as well as inside Publix – pleading for grocery money in exchange for a “gold” ring. We even had a customer that was approached at the Hard Rock casino – the scammer needed to “pay off his gambling debt” and had a “Rolex” that was worth over 10k but would take $5 cash to pay the debt. Yes, that was a fake Rolex!

So please. If you are approached by anyone “needing money” that has “jewelry for cash” – stay clear! Report them to management! Don’t fall for their sham. You work too hard for your money to have these thieves take it from you.

Tell your friends, family and neighbors. Spread the word.

If you are local to Palm Beach County, Lake Worth Gold Mine will test gold jewelry for you FREE.

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Do You Have Old American Silver Coins?


Do you have a drawer full of old coins? Before you give those quarters and dimes to either your kids, a store clerk or tolls, check the dates! Old American coins are made out of silver. That’s right! You could cash in on those coins.

U.S. coins – dollars, halves, quarters and dimes – that are dated before 1965 are 90% silver. That means that they are worth more than the “face value” of the coin. The value of old American silver coins will fluxuate with the spot price of silver. Silver coins can be cashed in for a multiple of face value – sometimes as high as 10 times the coin value!

These silver coins can be in any condition and still be worth more that the face value of the coin. Although dates and coin condition can add value to a specific coin.

Investors who are looking to add silver to their portfolio often buy Old American coins also known as “junk silver”.

Go to a local coin dealer near you for the current value of 90% American silver coins.


Local to Palm Beach County? We are your local coin dealer.

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If You Could Use Some Extra Money, Here Is a Way You Can Raise Extra Cash

need money facebook adHey it’s Traci from the Lake Worth Gold Mine

These are unprecedented times we’re living in right now. Everyone has been impacted by this pandemic in one way or another. Businesses are closed, millions of employees have been laid off and are now at the mercy of unemployment checks, and others, while lucky enough to keep their jobs, have had their hours reduced.

As for us, we are deemed an essential business and are currently OPEN by APPOINTMENT. This enables us to adhere to the physical distancing guidelines set by the CDC to slow the spread of the virus. Keeping your family – and ours – healthy – is priority!

Now that we are “staying home”, You may have found yourself with time on your hands and no money in the bank. You’re not alone! This pandemic has impacted our economy on every level and every sector.

So, if you could use some extra money, here’s a way you can raise some extra cash.

It’s Spring – and that means Spring Cleaning!

Use your “home time” to clean, organize, and purge items that you no longer use. Decluttering can be therapeutic, and who knows, you may find some hidden treasures that can easily be sold for cash.  As you go through your “stuff”, make a pile to bring into the Lake Worth Gold Mine.

Here is a general idea of what we purchase…


We buy gold and silver jewelry – broken or not. If you have items that you are no longer wearing, then bring them in and get a quote on what the market value is. Gold is currently trading at a 7 year high which makes it a great time to sell. Maybe you have a single earring, or two, or three – lol. Or a kinked up herringbone necklace from the 80’s that can’t be repaired. Or a class ring that was never worn. You could be surprised at how much these type of items are worth. Maybe you inherited pieces that you will never wear.

Styles change and so does our taste for fashion. What’s “out” for you is “in” for someone else. We buy Designer jewelry from Judith Ripka to Cartier – and we pay premium prices.

Do you have vintage costume jewelry or gold fill jewelry? We buy those too. If you are not sure what you have, just bring them in and we can test them for you.


We buy gold and silver coins and bullion. US and foreign – in any denomination or condition.

Go through the change drawer and see if you have any US or Canadian silver dimes, quarters, half dollars or dollar coins that are dated 1964 and before. Those are worth more than their face value – no matter the condition. Also the JFK half dollars that are dated 1965-1970 are 40% silver.

From old pennies to old paper money – we purchase it.

We buy US Mint sets, commemorative coins, and Franklin Mint sets – complete or not.

If you have graded coins – we buy those too – based on market price for coin grade.


We buy loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry. Any shape or size. Offers are based on the grade for color, clarity, cut and carat.

Maybe you have a tennis bracelet that you don’t wear, or diamond ring from a failed relationship or inherited a diamond brooch that’s not your style –  If it’s just lying around, you might as well see what it’s worth. You always have the option to say no.


You know what they say, “Time is Money”. Of course we buy fine brands such as Rolex, Cartier and Omega, but we also buy Invicta, Michael Kors, Gucci, Tag Heuer’s and others! All offers are based on model, condition and current market prices. The box, papers, and extra links adds more money to the quote so if you have them, be sure to bring with the watch.

We also buy vintage watches -gold and gold fill watches such as Hamilton, Movado, Lucien Picard, Longines, Elgin and others – Even if they aren’t running! We buy pocket-watches too.

If you have watches that are no longer being used – it may be “time” to sell  🙂


You know those silver trays that are boxed up in your garage or stacked in a kitchen cabinet, taking up space? They could be sterling silver. We buy sterling trays, flatware (silverware), cups, bowls, candle holders and more. They can be in any condition – dented, engraved, incomplete sets or broken.  And don’t worry about polishing the pieces – that’s one of the best reasons to sell silver.

If you’re not sure if your items are sterling silver or silver plated, just bring them in to be checked.

Don’t forget we also buy sterling silver jewelry – any condition.


We are currently very selective on antiques and collectibles that we are purchasing. These are typical items that we buy:

Signed glass such as Lalique, Baccarat, Waterford, Tiffany, ect.

Signed figurines from Herend, LLadro and yes, even some Hummel’s.

Certified Memorabilia – Sports, Political & Movie / Theatre / Autographs

It’s hard to say what we will and won’t buy – so just run it by us.

If you have items that you think you may want to sell then let’s set up an appointment. *

You can reach us at 561-729-0094, email info@lwgoldmine.com or message us at facebook.com/lakeworthgoldmine

You will receive fast & friendly service & fair market prices – There is no obligation to sell.

So don’t be shy – or judgmental – or prideful – give us a try.

Times are tough all around and there is no shame in helping yourself by selling items you don’t use or want anymore. We’re all in this together. Stay Safe.

* (We will go back to regular business hours as guided by state)


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Is it time to sell your sterling flatware?

Do you have a sterling flatware set, or in some cases, multiple sets, that you don’t use? Are you tired of cleaning and polishing the silver when it gets tarnished?

Back in the day, a sterling flatware set was a sign of wealth – think Royalty. From the 1950’s – 1970’s, silver was given as wedding gifts and anniversaries. Tables would be set with the finest silver for dinner parties and to mark special occasions. Today, it is less formal and not too many people use and appreciate a sterling flatware set.

Have you considered selling your silver? Sterling is 92.5% silver and will always have an intrinsic value of whatever silver is trading for. Currently, the spot price on silver is $16.76 per ounce. An ounce of sterling would be $16.76 x 92.5%. However, that is not the price you would receive as there are smelting fees, and the company purchasing the silver has to make money, so you would receive less (each company varies in payout). The silver would be weighed and you would be made an offer based on weight and silver price.

Are you wondering if your sterling silver flatware set is worth more than the price of silver? The answer is: rarely. The mass population does not use silver. Therefore, there are only a few top silver patterns that collector’s purchase. Sometimes even Tiffany & Co. gets smelted – imagine that! Check your local silver buyer to see if your pattern has a premium.

If you live in the Palm Beach County area, feel free to bring in your sterling silver flatware sets and other items for a free quote at the Lake Worth Gold Mine.

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American Silver Eagles

Related image  The American Silver Eagle is a pure silver coin – .999 purity. Although it has a denomination value of $1, it is worth the value of 1 ounce of pure silver (currently $17.68 per ozt). The American Silver Eagle was first released in 1986 by the U.S Mint. It is the only investment grade silver bullion coin that is backed by the United States government. The American Silver Eagle is recognized and trade-able around the world which makes this a sought after investment coin.

The American Silver Eagle weighs 1 troy ounce. You can purchase in 1 ounce increments or you can purchase by the roll, which is sold in a tube of 20. For those that would like to make a big investment in silver can purchase the “Monster Box” which includes 500 ounces – 25 tubes of 20.

Silver prices have risen from 20 years ago (1997) when the average price was $4.84. On April 25, 2011, silver traded at $49.80 per ounce in the New York spot market – the all time high. It quickly fell back. In December of 2015, silver hit a 5 year low at $13.80 per ozt. It has since rebounded and currently trading at $17.68 per ozt.

If you are looking to buy or sell Silver American Eagles, be sure to check us out at the Lake Worth Gold Mine for prices. Buying and Selling – we offer low commission rates.


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Never let any Gold Dealer or Buyer Make You Feel Pressured or Obligated

Are you planning on selling your gold or gold jewelry? Here’s a golden nugget tip for you; Never let any gold buyer or gold dealer make you feel pressured or obligated. Do not tolerate a dealer that makes you an offer based upon you accepting it immediatley. Never allow a dealer make you feel guilty about shopping around.


When selling your gold, a buyer should make you a fair offer based on the purity, weight, and “spot gold price” (which can be found at kitco.com). The price quoted should be good as long as the “spot gold price” does not go up or down drastically. Don’t be fooled – if gold drops $3, it should not affect the quoted price. However if gold goes up or down $10 then the quoted price will need to be adjusted. This is based on selling gold jewelry. Gold coins that are being purchased for bullion or numismatic premium – every dollar, up or down, matters. Regardless of the price, the gold buyer should not make an offer based on you accepting it immediately. A reputable gold buyer that is giving you a fair price should be willing to put their quote in writing. It is your right to shop around to ensure that you are getting a fair price on your gold jewelry. Never allow a gold buyer to make you feel guilty for getting multiple quotes.

If you live in Palm Beach County and would like to sell your gold or gold jewelry, be sure to put the Lake Worth Gold Mine on your “shopping” list. We always give the best quotes possible with a no pressure, friendly, comfortable enviorment.

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Selling Gold? Here’s a few tips before you sell.

Gold is still on the rise. Are you considering selling gold jewelry? If so, before you sell, here are a few tips that will help you.

First and foremost, find a local, licensed precious metal buyer. There are many individuals and “businesses” that do not have the proper license to purchase gold, silver and platinum. They are operating illegally and generally do not pay you what your items are worth.

Check out “reputations” online with BBB, Angie’s List, and other consumer review sites on the web. Customer experiences will help guide you where to go.

Avoid sending your gold jewelry to a buyer through the mail. This is scary. You really don’t know where it’s going, how it’s being processed and what the value is until they get back with you. Go to a local buyer.

The Antique Road Show is famous for evaluating antiques. Many buyers try to emulate them by setting up shop in a hotel lobby for the weekend and advertise in newspapers for a “weekend buying event”. Stay clear – they are not the Road Show! These type of gold buyers are notorious for low payouts.

Pawns are in the loan business, that is how they make money. There offers are usually less than a gold buyer.

Be careful of jewelry stores that offer you a large payout – in store credit. In-store credit is not the same as a cash payout. This allows the jewelry store to sell you more over-priced merchandise making you think that you are getting the best offer.

If you go to a local gold buyer, be sure to have ALL your items tested in front of you and then weighed by karat. This ensures that you are getting paid for 18k jewelry as 18k gold and not weighed in with 10k gold which pays less.

One of the most important tips is to get a quote from whoever you are in front of BEFORE you say what you want. A lot of times customers are not aware of how much their gold is worth. If they ask you “how much do you want?”, do not walk, run out the door. You are about to be taken advantage of. Make them quote you first.

Shop around, get some quotes. Get written quotes, with the price of gold and the weight of your items. Gold does go up and down hourly like the stock market, prices are subject to change and this will ensure that if you go back you get what was offered. If a shop will not give you a written quote, again, run!

These tips should help you get the maximum price for you when you sell gold jewelry.

If you live in the Palm Beach County area and are considering selling gold, then put the Lake Worth Gold Mine on your shopping list for the most competitive offer.


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Where and How to Sell a Diamond

Diamonds are valued based on the four C’s; color clarity cut and carat weight.

Currently, small diamonds do not have much value in the diamond buyer market.Diamonds that are a half carat are evaluated based on grading. Diamonds that are over the one carat mark have actually increased in value 10% over 2011 diamond prices.

When selling your diamond or diamond ring do not expect to get what you purchased. Jewelry stores such as Jared’s and Kay’s are on a high mark up and interest plans – they are retail and sell retail prices.

Get a couple of quotes when you are selling your diamond to ensure you get the best bid. If you have papers such as a GIA or IGI certification then you should bring that along with you. An appraisal is just an appraisal and is usually artificially pumped up for insurance replacement purposes. A GIA or IGI certification is the authority on color, cut, clarity and carat weight.

If you live in the Palm Beach County area and are selling a diamond put Lake Worth Gold Mine on your shopping list for the most competitive bid.

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Have you considered selling your gold jewelry but not sure who to sell gold to?

There are many options such as a pawn shop, retail jewelry shop, a gold buyer or 
refinery to name a few.  You want to make sure that you are selling your gold to 
a licensed gold buyer. There are County, State and Federal regulations that a 
licensed precious metal buyer have to follow. Many hotel buyers, flea market 
vendors and Craig's list buyers do not operate in a licensed manner.

Do your research and check for state and county licenses. Are they a member of 
the local community and Better Business Bureaus? Check their reputation by 
doing a google review search or check the social media networks such as Facebook to see 
what people are saying. 

Selling gold can be a rewarding experience if you are selling to the right gold 
buyer. Be leery if the business does not weigh your items in front of you - in 
calibrated and certified scales. All items should be tested in front if you to 
determine gold purity. Be sure to have your gold weighed by carat as opposed to 
one master weighing and then offered a lump sum for all.

Check back for other tips for selling gold.

If you live on the Palm Beach County area and would like to sell gold, be sure 
to put us on your shopping list for the most competitive bid.

Check us out at our website, www.LakeWorthGoldMine.com

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